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Choosing the right broadband plan can be a little challenging. Here are some guidelines to determine a plan that’s right for you based on how you use the internet.*


Light Use

Basic activities like email, browsing, internet radio, VoIP phone service, and low resolution videos. Only  1 or 2 users on the network with 2 to 3 connected devices.




10 Mbps or better

Moderate Use

All the basic activities plus one high demand application, like: streaming HD video, video conferencing, or online games. Up to 3 users on the network with 4 to 6 connected devices.




25 Mbps or better

High Use

All the basic and moderate activities, plus the need to handle multiple high demand applications at the same time like: 4K video, online games and video conferencing.  Also needed if you have more than 4 users and more than 6 connected devices.

100 Mbps or better

Here’s a list of common online activities and an estimate for the amount of download speed or Megabits per second (Mbps) required for adequate performance:

General Web Browsing & Email 1
Streaming Online Audio like Pandora or Spotify Less than 0.5
VoIP Phone Service Less than 0.5
Remote Learning & Online School 5 to 25
Telecommuting 5 to 25
Downloading Files; Large File 10
Social Media 1
Streaming Standard Definition Video3 to 4
Streaming High Definition Video 5 to 8
Streaming 4K Video 25
Video Teleconferencing6
Game Console Connected to the Internet 3-5

* Information provided by FCC Consumer Broadband Guides

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