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Our Premium Fully Managed Internet Service


Our Premium Fully Managed Internet Service

SUPERCHARGE your experience

Nothing’s worse than a slow internet connection when you want to work, search, watch and play from anywhere in your home and on any device. Enter Wi-Fi Ultra, our turnkey and fully managed internet service designed to provide your family or small business with everything you need for an awesome internet experience.

Benefits include:

Custom Installation
Custom Installation service from one of our highly trained technicians to professionally install and set-up your Wi-Fi Ultra service at no additional cost.

Wi-Fi Ultra Router
A state-of-the-art Wi-Fi Ultra Router built to blanket your whole house in Wi-Fi and meet the demands of today’s increasingly smart homes filled with dozens of connected devices.

Internet Options
Internet options to fit every need and budget with plans ranging from 10 Mbps to 100+Mbps. Plus, ALL of our plans feature unlimited data and we never, ever, limit your data speeds based on how much you use.

Command IQ
Our Command IQ Mobile Application helps you gain more control of your home or small business Wi-Fi network via your IOS or Android Smartphone. You can manage users and connected devices with ease, change passwords, and create temporary guest networks. Command IQ also sends you updates about planned network maintenance so you can prepare.

No Long-term Contract
The way we figure it, we have to earn your business everyday, so we DO NOT require any long-term contract to tie you down.

Enhanced Service and Support
If you need help with your Wi-Fi network, we’ll be there to help you diagnose and resolve any unexpected bumps in the road.

Reliability with Enhanced Local Support

As an employee-owned company, we take a great deal of pride in the service we offer. Since our founding in 1909, we have never stopped investing in our telephone and internet technologies to ensure consistently superior levels of service with network uptime reliability at 99.9 percent.

Of course, even the best networks and equipment experience problems from time to time and our Idaho-based customer service and technical support teams have your backs. They are highly experienced and ready to assist you. 

Command IQ smart phones

WORRY-FREE and Secure

Our Protect and Experience IQ applications provide a multi-layered shield of protection between your network and bad actors on the internet.  Cybersecurity threats and unwanted content are blocked before it ever enters your home.

Protect IQ is network-level security that protects ALL devices connected to your Wi-Fi. It proactively monitors your home’s incoming  web traffic and automatically blocks anything suspicious.  It also actively terminates any data transfers before malicious software is downloaded to your connected devices and it sends you notifications if a security issue is triggered.
Experience IQ protects children or grandchildren from harmful or inappropriate content, lets you limit screen time on devices or applications, and provides detailed information about online usage so that you can better understand how the internet is being used in your home.
You can block inappropriate categories like pornography or violence, specific applications like Tik Tok, Snap Chat, or undesirable online games. Set safe search parameters for Google, Bing and YouTube to block harmful content before it harms your family.

your Broadband Plan

Choosing the right broadband plan can be a little challenging. Here are some guidelines to determine a plan that’s right for you based on how you use the internet. * 

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Use Recommendations

Light Use

Basic activities like email, browsing, internet radio, VoIP phone service, and low resolution videos. Only  1 or 2 users on the network with 2 to 3 connected devices.

Plan recommendation:

10 Mbps or better

Moderate Use

All the basic activities plus one high demand application, like: streaming HD video, video conferencing, or online games. Up to 3 users on the network with 4 to 6 connected devices.

Plan recommendation:

20 to 30 Mbps or better

High Use

All the basic and moderate activities, plus the need to handle multiple high demand applications at the same time like: 4K video, online games and video conferencing.  Also needed if you have more than 4 users and more than 6 connected devices.

Plan recommendation:

50 Mbps or better

Plan recommendation:

50 Mbps or better

Here’s a list of common online activities and an estimate for the amount of download speed or Megabits per second (Mbps) required for adequate performance:

General Web Browsing & Email 1
Streaming Online Audio like Pandora or Spotify Less than 0.5
VoIP Phone Service Less than 0.5
Remote Learning & Online School 5 to 25
Telecommuting 5 to 25
Downloading Files; Large File 10
Social Media 1
Streaming Standard Definition Video3 to 4
Streaming High Definition Video 5 to 8
Streaming 4K Video 25
Video Teleconferencing6
Game Console Connected to the Internet 3-5

* Information provided by FCC Consumer Broadband Guides

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