Services in Weiser, Idaho

Weiser Exchange

Weiser Local Phone Service

Item Business Residential
Phone Line $30.50 $17.50
FCC Access $5.00 ($9.20 - multiple lines) $5.00
Universal Service (variable) $0.19 $0.12
ITAP Charge (variable) $0.07 $0.07
Washington County 911 $1.00 $1.00
Total per line (+tax) $36.76 ($40.96 - multi) $23.69

Install: $25.00 (waived on service ported from Qwest)

Directory Assistance available by dialing 1 + area code + 555-1212

Available Calling Features:

  • Caller ID
  • Caller ID Blocking
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Waiting
  • Distinctive Ring
  • Three Way Calling
  • Voicemail

Weiser 549 Local Number Porting

MTE now serves Weiser 549 customers. Keep your 549 number and enjoy our superior phone and customer service!

PDF Customer Number Porting Request Form

Weiser Long Distance Phone Service

Per-Minute Plans (billed in whole minutes)

Traditional Plan R-Plan
Monthly Fee None $3.95/month
Minimum Usage None None
Interstate (out-of-state) $0.08/min $0.06/min
Intrastate (in-state) $0.13/min $0.11/min

Flat-Rate Measured Service Plans

$20 Domestic Plan* $30 Domestic Plan* $50 Anywhere Plan
Minutes Included: 250 minutes 500 minutes 200 minutes
Overage Rate: $0.10/min. $0.10/min. $0.10/min.

*Extended areas (Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, etc.) and international calls billed at the posted rates

pdf file North America and International Long Distance Rates
Rates are per minute billed in one-minute increments unless you are on our "Anywhere" calling plan. All rates are subject to change.

Weiser Residential High-Speed Internet Service

Don't waste valuable time waiting for your old analog modem, when you could be cruising on warp speed with DSL!

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a cutting-edge data communication system suitable for high speed internet and data transfer over ordinary phone lines. DSL's possibilities are endless, including:

  • Ultra Fast Internet Access
    Surf the web at light speed! Great for research, communication, and leisure activities. Avoid being stopped by mammoth e-mail attachments.
  • No Second Phone Line Required
    With DSL, you also get the major advantage of receiving voice and data over the same line at the same time. Unlike dialup, no additional line is needed
  • File Exchange
    Send and receive large files over the net with ease. With very high upload and download speeds, DSL makes the impossible possible! Compare 1200Kbps to where the 56Kbps standard modems peg out at today. Avoid getting bumped before you can finish a big download again!
  • Multimedia
    Receive streaming audio and video broadcasts for news or distance learning. Forget driving, flying, or taking a bus--just get yourself a video camera and attend important meetings via cyberspace. With DSL, you can easily transmit and receive video.

Weiser Residential Phone/Internet Bundles

6 Mbps Bundle - $70.50 + tax

  • Up to 6 Mbps Downstream
  • Local Service
  • Up to 5 Email Addresses
  • Router

10 Mbps Bundle - $79.95 + tax

Try this bundle if you like watching movies online, standard definition IPTV.

  • Up to 10 Mbps Downstream
  • Local Service
  • Caller ID and Voicemail
  • Up to 5 Email Addresses
  • Router

15 Mbps Bundle - $99.95 + tax

Excellent for online gaming, home offices, Hi-Def IPTV or multiple computers.

  • Up to 15 Mbps Downstream
  • Local Service
  • Caller ID and Voicemail
  • Up to 10 Email Addresses
  • Router

Weiser Business High-Speed Internet Service

Includes phone line, any desired features, DSL service up to the maximum download speed listed, and DSL equipment rental.

DSL Speed Business Rate
6 Mbps $85.50
10 Mbps $95.50
15 Mbps (15/3 Mbps VDSL*) $125.50
20/5 Mbps VDSL* $149.50
30/10 Mbps VDSL* $199.50

Rates do not include tax or federal USF charge

Weiser Bare DSL

Wire service, broadband only. You will need an ADSL router or modem. MTE provides a free router rental with the service, or you may provide your own. Speeds up to the listed download.

Bare DSL Service Options


6 Mbps: $39.95
10 Mbps: $54.95
15 Mbps: $79.95


4 Mbps: $45.00
6 Mbps: $65.00
8 Mbps: $85.00

VDSL where available:

15/3 Mbps - $79.95
20/5 Mbps - $90.00
30/10 Mbps - $110.00

Installation - $100.00

Wired DSL service, broadband only. Phone line will be brought in to carry the service, but no dial tone will be provided.

Rates do not include tax or Federal USF charge.

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