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Reliable, quality
high-speed internet with friendly customer service.

Employee Owned

MTE has been in operation since 1909 and became an employee-owned and operated company in 2008. Today we serve over 3,000 customers.

Community Focused

Our mission is to provide the highest quality connections between our customers and the world.

Customer Centered

We continue to look for new service areas and welcome every opportunity to build our customer base.
Telephone Exchange in Yellow Pine, Idaho

MTE has pioneered communications services for rural communities in Arizona and Idaho. Taking telephone and internet services where none existed, we built over mountain-tops to reach customers in Lakeview, Warren, Warm Lake and Yellow Pine.

MTE performs an essential role in bringing and high speed internet to rural communities. We provide state-of-the-art telecommunications using fiber optic cable and digital switching equipment.

MTE has built exchanges from the ground up
in Cascabel, Silverbell, Millsite, and Granite Mountain, Arizona.

MTE Staff in Weiser Idaho Parade

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MTE Communications
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Customer Appreciation
MTE Communications is an equal opportunity provider and employer.