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Do I have to have long distance?

You do not have to have long distance and we can even put a block on your telephone to prevent long distance calls from being made.

How do I add my phone number to the national "do not call" list?

Go to to register your phone number.

Do I need phone service to have DSL?

No, you can have what is called "Bare DSL." However, it is quite a bit more expensive than having phone service with DSL. Please contact us for pricing.

What DSL speeds are available?

Please contact us for the speeds available in your area.

Call Forwarding

For all exchanges except Silverbell, Warren, Yellow Pine and Warm Lake

  • To turn ON Call Forwarding: the subscriber presses *72 and listens for confirmation tones followed by a dial tone. Then the subscriber dials the number where calls will be forwarded and listens for confirmation tones followed by a dial tone.
  • To turn OFF Call Forwarding: the subscriber presses *73 and listens for confirmation tones followed by a dial tone.

If you are a subscriber to voicemail: while Call Forwarding is activated, your voicemail will be deactivated.

Call Waiting

When the called party flashes, the original call is placed on hold and a talking connection is established with the third party. From this point, the party with Call Waiting can alternate between parties by switch-hook flashing.

  • If the held party disconnects, the talking connection reverts to a two-party call.
  • If the subscriber with the service activated hangs up while one party is on hold, the subscriber with service activated is automatically rung back, and upon answer is connected to the held party.

MTE Long Distance Service

Per-Minute Plans (billed in whole minutes)

Traditional Plan R-Plan
Monthly Fee None $3.95/month
Minimum Usage None None
Interstate (out-of-state) $0.08/min $0.06/min
Intrastate (in-state) $0.13/min $0.11/min

Flat-Rate Measured Service Plans

$20 Domestic Plan* $30 Domestic Plan* $50 Anywhere Plan
Minutes Included: 250 minutes 500 minutes 200 minutes
Overage Rate: $0.10/min. $0.10/min. $0.10/min.

*Extended areas (Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, etc.) and international calls billed at the posted rates

pdf file North America and International Long Distance Rates
Rates are per minute billed in one-minute increments unless you are on our "Anywhere" calling plan. All rates are subject to change.

Three-Way Calling

To add a third person to a call

  1. While on current call, press and release your receiver button or flash key (Current call is placed on hold.)
  2. Listen for a steady dial tone.
  3. Dial the number of the second person you want to add. After that person answers, press and release receiver button or flash key and all three of you will be connected.
  4. If busy or no answer, depress receiver button or flash key, to reconnect first call.

To disconnect parties

  • Either party may hang up leaving the conversation. You will still be connected to the other person.
  • Remove the third person anytime by pressing the receiver button or flash key.
  • To disconnect the entire three-way call, hang up. Everyone will automatically be disconnected.

Note: You may privately converse with the third party as long as you wish before using the receiver button or flash key to establish the three-way call.

Voicemail Guide

PDF Voicemail Guide

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